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61 Walm Lane, NW2 4QR, London, UK



It’s nice to meet you. We are Luigi and Lello from Napoli with massive passion for Southern Italian food and lovely wines.

Our equation is simple, really, and precisely calculated; good food+good drinks+good people=FUN aka Spasso in Italian.

The concept at Spasso is delicious food with authentic recipes accompanied with the right cocktails or wine, served by friendly staff. So, in short; simple ingredients, maximum results.

We wanted to offer something to our customers that no one does in London, Neapolitan street food with a twist, placed into a funky dining/drinking environment. (More about our food here.)

Our customers are people who enjoy all things above – we’re sure you’re one of them if you’re reading this.

And now a little more about us:


Hey everyone,

My name is Luigi and I’m a Neapolitan bartender and cocktail mixologist. It took me a few adventures to get there, though.

After starting at the age of 11 as a “coffee boy” in our family business in Naples, I went on to bartending college, and competed in cocktail championships worldwide. Then came to London – 5 years in the West End and 8 years in the City’s best places.

What I’ve learned is that being a bartender is more than just serving delicious, good-looking cocktails – you also need to be an entertainer and a mediator, not to mention a really good listener.

After all these years of working for others I wanted to invest my knowledge and skills into my own place, where I could be completely myself and provide the real Italian hospitality feel, an experience people wouldn’t be able to stop talking about and would never forget.

Whoever my customers, they all have one thing in common: they want to have a good time when they come see me.

And how am I different from other bartenders? Well, I’m genuinely passionate, creative, enthusiastic – and fun! Come and see for yourself!



I’m Lello. I started falling in love with cooking when I was 10 and with food when I was born.

Growing up beside my grandma I started learning all the classic recipes and kept experimenting with them for all my life.

Working in some of the best places in my home town I shaped my technique to what it is now…I’ll leave the judging to you.

When I was 20 I moved to London and was looking for something… and most of all wondering what that something was. Well, I think it was this place, Spasso! A place where I can throw in all the knowledge I’ve been accumulating and carrying for such a long time.

The rest is up to you to say…

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